AWS Workspaces Login Page Wont Load or Times Out

If you have an AWS Workspaces client on Windows that launches but then times out when loading the login fields/page you may have a corrupted registration. Uninstalling and reinstalling the application does not remove your previous registrations so will not fix the problem. You need to clean up the local cached registration info.

Quit the Workspaces Cleint

Delete the folder C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Amazon Web Services

Re-start AWS Workspaces and enter your registration code

6 thoughts on “AWS Workspaces Login Page Wont Load or Times Out”

  1. Thanks so much! This helped a user when everything else failed. Saved it to my troubleshooting notes. The error the user would eventually see was a “Display Error”, but that was only after hanging for a long time.

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