Unable to load Edge Workspaces

I had a user recently request to use the Edge Workspaces feature. This feature allows you to create pre-defined sets of tabs and bookmarks that can be shared amongst users and centrally managed. When he clicked on the Workspaces button in Edge he would receive “Unable to load” and a retry button.

I started by using every combination of Enabling Workspaces from Intune Templates and Settings Catalog. No dice.

Extensive Googling really just boiled down to “sign out and back into Edge” over and over. That did not work. We had recently completed an Office 365 migration as a result of a merger and he noted that it worked in his source company profile but not in the migrated one. Eventually it dawned on me – Where is the Workspaces data stored? OneDrive.

The files related to Workspaces are stored in OneDrive in the Apps\Microsoft Edge\Edge Workspaces folder. By deleting that folder it cleared out any conflicts with the data from the migration and allowed Workspaces to load.

If you are having the constant “Unable to Load” error on workspaces even after signing out and back into your profile: Delete the Apps\Microsoft Edge\Edge Workspaces in your OneDrive and it should load properly.

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